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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an easily adaptable ERP solution which helps small & midsized businesses automate & connect their operations. The system offers specialized functionality for manufacturing, distribution, government, retail, and other industries.

It is of vital importance to select the right ERP solution while your business is emerging. Each business has unique needs and it is prudent to deploy the system that helps you achieve your goal.

Microsoft dynamics NAV as a product is very user friendly and easy to learn. The implementation phase is short compared to other global ERP. With appropriate business understanding it can be tailor made as required . Training plays a significant part while implementing and is crucial for the project's success.

Capabilities of NAV

Financial Management
Customer Relationship Management
Project Management
Configuration & Development
Supply Chain Management
Human Resource Management
Manufacturing Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for following industries

Retail Industry

Survival of retailers in Globalisation is essential and is conceivable through innovative means, powerful system and a dynamic approach .This tool helps you reduce the complexities of today's challenging arena and respond quickly to consumers demands. It is an easy to use system that supports end to end functionalities of Retail industry. Microsoft Dynamics solutions are based on advanced, secure Internet technology that extends and enhances traditional ERP and provides a powerful development environment. It is a proven and flexible ERP solution for Retail sector and meets the growing needs of the small and mid sized firms. This product supports the leap that an organization strives to take.


  1. 1.Grows with your needs - domestic or international.
  2. 2.Manages Customer accounts with its detailed information.
  3. 3.Controlling margin from quotes to invoices.
  4. 4.Flexible and Powerful Reporting Tools.
  5. 5.Optimizing Inventory management.
  6. 6.Integrated Ecommerce
  7. 7.Planning and Forecasting
  8. 8.Customer Service
  9. 9.OnLine , Offline POS with multiple connectivity options

Manufacturing Industry

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a complete ERP solution for manufacturing industry. The manufacturing sector is an ever changing beast and each year the industry faces new challenges in regards to regulations, product development, innovation and other environmental concerns. Manufacturing industries need to offer a competitive edge not only in domestic areas but also on a global scale. Threats and opportunities continuously emerge in this market. To outstand the competitors it is imperative to have a tailor made solution to support your business needs which would also help you integrate seamlessly with other applications.

Benefits :

  1. 1.Integrated Communication.
  2. 2.Customer Service
  3. 3.Production Planning
  4. 4.Project Management
  5. 5.Agile manufacturing
  6. 6.Supply planning
  7. 7.Capacity planning
  8. 8.Demand Forecasting
  9. 9.Machine centers
  10. 10.Production orders

Service Industry

Service industry today needs to be highly responsive and transparent. It is important for them to understand the need of their clients well and serve them at a frantic pace with lower costs. Efficient service helps in building firms goodwill and reputation. MS Dynamics NAV helps service industry manage huge customer data enabling them to improve their service level and meet customer requirements on time.


  1. 1.Contract Management
  2. 2.SLA Management
  3. 3.Warranty based servicing
  4. 4.Operational Reports
  5. 5.Repair and Maintenance Tracking
  6. 6.Compliance Management

Hospitality Industry

Microsoft NAV Hospitality is a restaurant management software for companies running hotel, restaurant, and other similar line of business. It supports all varieties of processes from POS activities to operations in central office. It expands Microsoft Dynamics NAV with special features of hospital industry. The tools in the software can be used to manage various restaurant concepts. Hospitality industry has to take utmost care of their clients and serve at par with their expectations. This system is easy to use and fast to implement thus making their service faster and accurate.


  1. 1.Restaurant POS
  2. 2.Restaurant and Table Management
  3. 3.Kitchen Management
  4. 4.Staff management
  5. 5.Reports and Graphs
  6. 6.Integration between all sections and activities
  7. 7.Theft and losses limitation.

LS NAV Hospitality is apt for :

  1. 1.Hotels
  2. 2.Restaurants
  3. 3.Pubs ,Bars ,Cafes
  4. 4.Fast-food dinners
  5. 5.Buffets
  6. 6.Food Deliveries
  7. 7.Catering Services

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