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Implementation is the quintessential phase of any project. PCPL has an indispensable role in understanding the mission of the client Organization before the commencement of the project. Every implementation is unique, hence it is of vital importance to understand the business process in minute detail so that it can be well captured by the implementation team.

IMPLEMENTATION METHODOLOGY: The method and steps taken to implement Microsoft Dynamics Solution provides milestones to successfully Go-Live. The steps needs to be precisely monitored and any deviation should be brought to the notice so as to rectify the same.

PCPL assigns KEY MANAGERS for implementing the corresponding projects and remain in constant touch throughout the project life cycle. While the vendor takes charge of the project to be successful, the customer too must devote some extra time & effort from his schedule for successful implementation the project. Being alert and active is the need of the hour during this phase.

Implementation Lifecycle

Understanding Business Process :
Interaction with the client to understand their business processes and their future needs from the system.
Objectives, goals , deadlines are defined in this period.
Mapping Business Requirments :
Compare business requirements with default functionality & identify gaps
Document workarounds, alternative solutions, application extensions to resolve gaps
Finalizing Proposal:
Providing the time frame and the cost that shall be involved in the project.
Allotment and division of responsibilities in the project
Preparation of Requirement Documentation:
Designing Functional Requirement Document to map customers requirement on system.
Detail all the gap fits identified
Technically designing and developing features:
Design and build default as well as custom modules as per the Functional Requirement Document.
Training Users:
Training users about the application so they can be a part of the system testing
Testing Features:
Users will evaluate the product, complete required tasks and note any variances if any.
Gap-Fit analysis:
Determining the gaps in the actual performance with desired performance and deriving solutions
Getting System Live:
Once the users are trained and system Is configured- IT IS TIME To GO LIVE!!


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